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Shipping and Returns

Important Details

It is essential that all your personal details are correct.   Incorrect email addresses, telephone numbers and delivery addresses can all constitute to a breakdown in the delivery service.  MyExpatShop cannot be held responsible for any failed deliveries due to insufficient or incorrect details provided by clients.


We take the utmost care with the process of packaging and shipping to ensure that your order leaves our premises in perfect condition. The process includes checking that the products are not damaged or have not been previously opened.

Shipping Prices

We normally ship all orders using the DHL Parcel Service. This is the most efficient service and your order will normally arrive just two business days after dispatch. For fresh produce such as bacon, sausage, cheese, etc., we will always use the express next day delivery service. Please note that it is up to you to ensure there is someone available to receive fresh goods packages.

However, if you wish and at your responsibility, we can send you via email a DHL form, in the language of your region, which allows you to provide delivery instructons to the DHL delivery person. These instructions are, for example, "please leave in front of the door" or "please leave with my neighbour at number xx". Simply send us a reply to the email we send with parcel tracking details asking for the form and we will send it immediately. Fill it in and leave it where the  driver will easily find it.

The DHL Parcel Service system accepts packages from 50g to 31kgs.

The costs are set by the DHL Parcel Service Office. They range from approximately CHF 9 and increase depending on the weight. 

Important: Although  31kgs is the limit set by the DHL Parcel Service system for a single package, our experience has shown that packages of this weight often arrive damaged and we therefore split packages into two as of 25Kg. Our system will automatically add the cost of a second package in line with the DHL Parcel Service system descibed above.

Delivery Times
As far as possible we will fill orders from stock so shipping times are normally 3 to 5 working days (except for the Christmas period when shipping may take a little longer).
Please be aware that the winter period is a time when weather conditions may delay planned deliveries of stock which can in turn affect our shipping times. If our stock situation does not allow us to fill the order completely, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know when the missing items will be received by us. The pre-Christmas period, November onwards, sees a dramatic increase in volume and we do our best to ship within the shortest timeframe possible.  We appreciate your patience during this very busy period and invite you to contact us if you have any issues. Just send an e-mail to kristina@myexpatshop.com and she'll get right back to you.

Damaged Goods
Our policy is to abide by the established transport principles of DHL carrier services as well as other major carriers.  Should your goods be damaged during transit you should notify the courier that delivered your package, and let them assess the package for you. The packages that leave our depot are in perfect condition. If there is any sign of damage to the package when you receive it, you should immediately bring this to the attention of the person delivering the package to you and, if possible, have it noted that you accept the package under reserve. MyExpatShop cannot accept any responsibility for handling damage during transport and this must be reported and taken up with the company responsible for the transport within their rules which are normally that you report any damage at reception or at latest within 24 hours. After that time, carriers will not accept any claims and will consider the order satisfactorily received.

Other Product Issues
If you are not satisfied with the supplied products for any other reason, you must contact us as soon as possible after delivery. As soon as possible implies within 24 hours but we will allow up to 48 hours if there is good cause. You must also provide details of the problem or problems so that we can take the appropriate action. We shall make every effort to correct the situation and to rectify any reasonable complaint.

Should you need to return your order, you must first obtain a return reference number by sending an e-mail to Kristina@myexpatshop.com who will send you the reference number for your return. You can then return the package with the contents in the same condition that they arrived. The cost of returning the package shall be borne by the buyer. A refund of the order will be processed as soon as the order is returned and has been checked by us. Return reference numbers are valid for 14 days. If the package is not received by us within this time limit we will not offer a refund. We cannot accept the return of goods that have been opened or otherwise tampered with.

For our wholesale customers, simply contact the commercial representative that you normally deal with either by phone or by e-mail.

MyExpatShop, 16 Chemin du Foron, 1226 Thônex, Switzerland, Telephone: 022 301 11 51 or 076 342 58 62