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Last orders for Christmas!!

The last day for orders to be shipped so you will receive them before Christmas is:
Wednesday 17 December
Attention: Last date for orders with Fresh or Frozen products is Monday 15 December.

Free Shipping on Orders over 85 Francs!

Yes, you read it right!
No tricks, no price hikes, just extra savings for you.
You place your order as usual, but now, you pay just for the goods.
Happy shopping Happy Shopping

Fast Delivery of Food & Groceries in Switzerland

British Food

Find the things you miss right here. Sausages, crumpets, bacon,'re in for a treat!

Welcome to MyExpatShop

where you can buy hundreds of famous British branded food items and groceries. A fast & efficient postal system delivers direct to your door in Switzerland.

Normally, we fill orders from stock so delivery times are quick. Fresh and frozen products such as Sausages, Crumpets, Fish, Pies, Pasties, etc., are shipped Monday through Wednesday each week.
Have a special request or need more information? Send an e-mail to Jellybaby or call us on 022 301 11 51, 076 342 5862 or 079 202 5862.